Welcome to the Cognella Active Learning store!

Please refer to the instructions below to find information about how to proceed.



If you’re a student looking for your course content, please find the email from your professor with the purchasing instructions for your specific course. Alternatively, first determine if your content is on the Hosted or Integrated Active Learning system.

  • If Hosted Active Learning, you can search for your product by clicking on the "Active Learning Products" link at the top of the page.
  • If Integrated Active Learning, please return to your learning management system and navigate to the link for your Cognella content.  This will take you to the correct product within this store and ensure that you're set up correctly with content access.  

If you need any assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact customer support noted below.



If you’re a professor looking for additional information about Cognella Active Learning, please visit cognella.com/active.


Customer Support

If you need additional assistance, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. For further support, please submit a support ticket or contact our customer support team at 800-200-3908 x503.